I had a really enjoyable interview with PJ Nutting of the Boulder Weekly on Sunday, and it hit the stands yesterday. If you want to read the whole very nice thing, you can find it here:

But the part that made me happiest to read was this, because I’ve never written this:

“Really embedded in (the economic and physical difficulties of life on the reservation) is a spirit of surrender, and we don’t have it. I always thought I did. I thought I was easy-going and nice, but up there I realized what an absolute control freak I am. I was constantly knocked off balance. They live in an unpredictable world…(they) can’t just throw money at a problem and make it go away. They didn’t have a sense of entitlement to a certain outcome. They just have to go with the flow in a really constant way, and it makes you develop some faith. The car broke, the dog died, there’s no dinner — it didn’t take much for me to go into a total tailspin. I’m so used to having my needs met like that.

But here’s a man who’s a quadriplegic and who just keeps giving. His health is always in flux, and violence always happens or is about to happen. But he’s so surrendered to his own fate, and in that surrender, he gives every calorie of energy toward helping people in a place where so much help is needed. The man is amazing. I don’t want to say Christ consciousness, but I’ll say it. I’ve never met anyone remotely like him.”