Dear friends,

Stanford died on May 10 in the hospital in Casper. He was buried a week ago. It was a cathartic, grueling, beautiful funeral.

I feel kind of dizzy inside and know this will come in waves… But the support and love from Stan’s family and friends, and from the nonnative tribe with whom I traveled to Wyoming (about 8 of us in all, including my 10-year-old nephew Calum, who loved Stan and used to come up there with me to ride horses) was so strong and good I just feel a lot of gratitude and wonder at how wide the web reached from Stanford into the wide world.


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  1. Wendy Holkesvig says:

    Thank you for sharing his story.

  2. Jane Robertson says:

    I just finished Broken… Stunning. I don’t know how to express my appreciation except to say that your book has definitely left a life long impression on my soul. I’m so glad you got to spend time with this amazing man so that you could write this book and affect so many lives.

  3. Lori S says:

    So sorry to hear of Stanford passing..I had heard about his work long before your book. When your book first came out, I read it immediately and had hoped to meet you when you were in Tulsa. Beautiful book and an incredible journey.
    Prayers for the family and loved ones..

  4. Deborah Ling says:

    Lisa — my deepest condolences on your loss. I only met Stanford once, but his presence remains with me always. I am deeply grateful to him. I am deeply sorrowful for your loss. Aho — Deborah

  5. Sinead says:

    so sorry to hear of stanford’s passing-what a great loss to the world.I watched clips of stanford and you on you tube after reading about him in spirit and destiny.My dad trains horses and I always feel you can get way more sense from animals through gaining their trust.I saw how he helped the young guys through giving them purpose when there is such a high rate of suicide among young men who feel they are drifting.I don’t know if you have heard of the Ian somerhalder foundation but they are doing sterling work for animals and climate change,a lot of young people are getting involved and changing things for the better and I thought wouldn’t it be great if some of the tribal youth got involved because they could exert their power in a world changing way and have a purpose and a voice-I don’t know what you make of it-just my thought’s.

  6. Nicole says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I am pages away from finishing ‘Broken’. I picked it up in the Jackson airport last June.
    I have two young kids and I’m busy with work, so it takes me months to finish a book ( plus I read ten at once–likely you are the same on that front).

    I am very moved by your personal adventures as well as your tale of Stanford’s life and his powers. I only wish I could have met him. What a force.

    Thank you,

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