Lovely aspens Peter and I saw last weekendI visited Stanford in the Cheyenne hospital last night and I’m here to
tell you that he may be home within a week! This would make his entire
stay slightly longer than a month — which is a whole lot better than
the four months that was being bandied about at first. His surgeon was
Dr. William Wyatt (one of count ’em THREE reconstructive and plastic
surgeons in the state of Wyoming, Dr. Wyatt is my hero as he works all
week on low income patients, confines his tummy tuck and face lift
practice to Saturdays, and spends his vacations in Honduras fixing
childrens’ cleft palates.)

Dr. Wyatt cut into Stan’s ischial bone (the one you sit on) and
removed the dead and infected part of it (a process called “debriding”
the bone), stitched him up, and decided Stan’s home health nurse up on
the reservation can take out the stiches (which I believe are more
like metal staples — they were last time) when he’s healed. Stan is
currently trying to wean himself off heavy-duty pain medication to
expedite the going home process. It isn’t easy, but it’s better than
four months away from home. Last night was fun — my visit coincided
with a visit from Stan’s sister Arilda and her son Sass, and Stan’s
son Daniel (who had been with sleeping on the couch in the hospital
room and generally attending to his dad for 10 days) was being
replaced by Shiloh, a young nephew. It was great to see everyone. Stan
chatted and watched Iron Chef on TV.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to his piggy bank in the last few
weeks — the $1,350 you gave went towards shuttling relatives back and
forth, paying a debt, and paying bills. As Daniel left, Stanford said, “remember to buy hay.”

Oh! In BOOK news, Scribner is happy we’ve done well in the first few months and are already sending me design
ideas for the paperback. I think that may be hitting the stands sooner
than expected. Yay! Meanwhile, I’m turning my attention to getting
some paying work on non-Stan topics from the world of journalism. But
journalism seems to have sort of turned into a pet turtle (is it dead?
why isn’t it moving?) while I was writing this book. Maybe I’ll have
to just write another book. Since they’re so easy to write. I’m
kidding. Okay, I’m signing off;
I’ll write again when there’s more news in the Stan and paperback


5 Responses to “So there is a God”

  1. Ruth Deming says:

    Hi Lisa! Just read about you for the first time in today’s online NY Times. Loved the story of your meeting Stanford as a journalist and subsequently becoming a part of his life, touching both him & his people, and also yourself. I’m looking f/w to reading your book. Love and best wishes to you both. “Love” – isn’t that a great word?

  2. Bill Hess says:

    Like Ruth, I just discovered you too, through NYT, and so I come here and what’s the first thing that I see? A comment by Ruth! A fellow blogger, online friend.


    I will put your book on my list of books to get to when life grows more sane. I have spent time on reservations not that far from Wind River and it has been very easy for me to picture everything that I have read from you so far.

    Good luck and I bet the number of comments you receive daily is about to skyrocket.

  3. Jan says:

    thank you… it must be a kind of karmic episode. Reading the NYT for the first time in years and now I feel like I’ve met/read a new friend.
    Excellent piece!

  4. Deborah Ling says:

    Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for the update. I met Stanford this summer — have been calling the hospital once a week but never get any real information. This is helpful and I’ll pass it on to my community who is praying for Stanford. Thank you again for all the information. Glad the book is selling well. I loved it. -Deborah

  5. lisa says:

    Thanks for writing, Deborah. I have a google group I use to send out periodic updates about Stanford, his hospital stay, etc. You can join it on the home page of my website. My husband visited Stan yesterday (I stayed home with a cold) and the word is he’ll be out on WEDNESDAY. Which is good news.

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