I’m in the beautiful, misty, cool, confiding mountains of western North Carolina. Taking lots of walks, eating lots of pork, spending time with my lovely in-laws and my husband, the golf-crazed Buddhist. And here’s a terrific blog link by Molly Brown, which offers a nifty free drawing for my book.

Molly Brown blog

stan-and-co-on-stage2The event in Jackson was lots of fun — my friend and photographer Sarah Kariko (www.sarahkariko.com) started it all off with an exhibition of some great photos of Stan and his world, then Stan, his family and friends sang to open the entertainment on the stage. When it was my turn to read, it was slightly terrifying on
the big fancy stage with lights in my face, unable to see anyone or hear anyone laugh at the provocative parts of the book about my early discomfort at Stanford’s power, and my racial fears… I was poking fun at myself, but zounds it was scary because I heard no laughter or sympathetic murmurs or signs of life whatsoever. At bookstore readings you have eye contact with the audience… I thought all 300 people may have just gone home, disgusted. Stan SHONE onstage –really confident and accessible when he spoke (he did a long Q&A with the audience, which had many horse people in it). some people CRIED
during the songs he sang with family and friends. He had the crowd in
the palm of his hand… afterwards, people bought lots of books and
had apparently been really moved by what I read. The afterparty was pizza and people and cigarettes in Stan’s
motel room. So, YAY! The above picture is of the walk-through the day before the event. Stan is second from left, amid friends and family who came up from the Wind River Reservation.

woke up in a motel room in Jackson Hole. Tonight is the mother of all readings. Stan will speak, Sarah will show photos, 500 people are expected,including a few truckloads from the Wind River Reservation. Wowsers! ( Click for Info)

This youTube video features Lisa reading the book’s preface over slideshow of photos taken of Stanford, his family, horses and home. The photos were taken by Teresa Neptune and Sarah Kariko.

I have a reading in two and a half hours at the Boulder Bookstore. I also have a wicked headache and a sore throat and I sound like Leonard Cohen, who is, at least, the greatest folk singer and vocal artist and poet of the last century and maybe this one too. Be with me, Leonard. I don’t even have the wits about me to upload a picture of you. Sorry.